Hi Team,

We are upgrading zookeeper from 3.4.5 to 3.5.6. I have set up 3 node
cluster where 2 node are on 3.5.6 version and 1 node on 3.4.5.

Everything is running fine and didn't get any issue on my system.

but I found something on apache site  that first we need to upgrade on
3.4.6 than we can upgrade to 3.5.6. So is it mandatory  to go on 3.4.6

*Upgrading to 3.5.0*

Upgrading a running ZooKeeper ensemble to 3.5.0 should be done only after
upgrading your ensemble to the 3.4.6 release. Note that this is only
necessary for rolling upgrades (if you're fine with shutting down the
system completely, you don't have to go through 3.4.6). If you attempt a
rolling upgrade without going through 3.4.6 (for example from 3.4.5), you
may get the following error:

2013-01-30 11:32:10,663 [myid:2] - INFO [localhost/
:QuorumCnxManager$Listener@498] - Received connection request /

2013-01-30 11:32:10,663 [myid:2] - WARN [localhost/
:QuorumCnxManager@349] - Invalid server id: -65536

During a rolling upgrade, each server is taken down in turn and rebooted
with the new 3.5.0 binaries. Before starting the server with 3.5.0
binaries, we highly recommend updating the configuration file so that all
server statements "server.x=..." contain client ports (see the section
the client port). As explained earlier you may leave the configuration in a
single file, as well as leave the clientPort/clientPortAddress statements
(although if you specify client ports in the new format, these statements
are now redundant).

Could you please let me know about this case. Appreciate if respond soon.

Kuldeep Singh Budania

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