Yes, the failover transport works in all three dialects (Java, .NET, and

On Oct 13, 2016 7:08 AM, "magmasystems" <>

> Thanks guys. As I mentioned, the devs tend to do stuff on their laptops
> without running multiple instances of ActiveMQ. They basically go to the
> ActiveMQ directory, run the activemq.bat file, do some debugging, and then
> CTRL+C out of ActiveMQ. If there are any patterns or tricks we could use to
> get automatic failover out of a single instance, I would love to know about
> it. Could you do something like:
>     failover:(tcp://localhost:61616,tcp://remotehost:61616)
> Hmmmm ... according to
>, you should
> be
> able to. But, will that work with ActiveMQ NMS?
> -marc
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