I'm currently using activemq and now looking into Artemis. One of the
interest features I see is the is the last-value queue option. However what
I want to use it for is for regularly updating data and not so regular
updating data where the last value is always the only interesting value,
but where that data is interesting to multiple consumers.

A bit more on my design thought in case I've missed another better
solution. I have many workstations that connect, disconnect and change user
role. They all use a sub-set of the same data that I want to publish to
dedicated queues (last value) or topics. When a workstation connects, I
want it to be able to get the most recent value immediately. I then want
them all to be receiving updates as they happen. I can solve it through
triggering a publish in the software when a new workstation connects, but
if the messaging system can help me then that is better.



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