NSS Ltd writes:
Next bit is to see why modseq is -1 at all, but if you can try with this
patch, I think you may end up with a more benign situation (but possible
big table updates with modseq>-1).  It is possible -1 is valid but Arnt
is the one to confirm there.  It's also possible something to do with
your mail client/setup.

The -1 isn't valid, using 0 is valid.

I guess there's a decrement too many... I tried for a bit of bug compatibility (sending slightly too many updates in order to counter clients that ask for slightly too few) and triggered a bug of my own.

I agree with the fromNumber() change, but I also want to fix it highter up in the call stack, and make sure modseq never goes negative.

Thank you SO MUCH. This made my day.


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