> For the record, I'm working these days with a team that started using
> Gitlab CI yesterday ! This is a mild disapointment, because I've been
> mentioning buildbot for a while to them (well and CI in general). I didn't
> get a demo yet, but I can take the opportunity to look at it.
So for gitlab, we have the change source:
and the reporter
So integrating that into buildbot travis is just about creating the
integration code like this one I did for github:

Personnally, I'd be more interested with integration with Kallithea. It's
> certainly on my list of potential midterm developments.
For Kalithea, there is no change hook, nor reporter yet.
So on top of that you would need to write a change hook and a reporter. I
think this is much more simple project than the tls supoprt that you are
working on currently.
Mostly a copy paste of an existing hook/reporter, and modifying it to adapt
to the data forma of Kalithea.
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