> On Sep 14, 2016, at 4:36 PM, Pierre Tardy <tar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ryan
> nine.buildbot.net has indeed been a mess as we weren't really using it for 
> something real

FYI it's currently displaying a "502 Bad Gateway" error.

> I am currently changing that and it is currently being setup with 
> buildbot_travis.
> It shows you roughly what nine looks like, but really the setup might be very 
> different depending on your configuration.
> buildbot travis is an experimental buildbot setup that focuses on having the 
> UI directly in github or gerrit rather than in buildbot itself, this is why 
> it might be a little bit confusing.
> People are supposed to be pointed at buildbot only when there is a failed 
> build, and directly in the problematic page.

That's an interesting idea but probably doesn't fit our current and planned 
Buildbot usage.

> - The deploy panel is a featureof buildbot travis that we dont use in this 
> instance, this is why it shows nothing. It is first as this is indeed the 
> main page where people are supposed to go with buildbot travis if they are 
> going to the UI directly.
> - The settings page you are seing are indeed administration pages (again from 
> buildbot_travis), I think this is indeed a good idea to put them separately 
> in an admin
> and the settings, thanks for the feedback.
> - console view is not enabled in buildbot_travis, because it is not adapted 
> to the buildbot_travis process (waterfall view shall be disabled as well 
> actually)

Since it sounds like nine.buildbot.net is not representative of what Buildbot 
0.9 actually looks like, are there any public production Buildbot 0.9 
installations that I can look at?

> - page load time is indeed a problem especially if you have high latency to 
> the master, this is something people usually dont see as they are often 
> located near the master. this is why this problem was not fixed for the 0.9.0 
> release. 

That's not the case for us; we're an open source project with developers 
located throughout the world.

> The migration guide is hosted within the documentation and is pointed to at 
> the first paragraph of the release note:
> http://buildbot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manual/installation/nine-upgrade.html#upgrading-to-nine
> I would suggest to try to do the migration for your master.cfg and see how it 
> feels for you own setup.

I currently don't have time to do that. Are there at least any screenshots 
showing off typical versions of the various Buildbot 0.9 screens? Even better 
would be a set of before-and-after screenshots showing how the various Buildbot 
0.8 screens look now in 0.9.

> Dont hesitate to give some feedback again.
> Regards
> Pierre
> Le mer. 14 sept. 2016 à 22:21, Ryan Schmidt <build...@ryandesign.com> a écrit 
> :
> > On Sep 14, 2016, at 11:15 AM, Pierre Tardy <tar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am very happy to announce the release of buildbot 0.9.0 rc3.
> >
> > Thank you for helping testing rc1 and rc2.
> >
> > Only one rarely seen user visible bug was fixed for this release.
> > So I expect it to be the last rc, and probably be pushed as is as the 
> > v0.9.0.
> >
> > The most notable change is a new feature though.
> >
> > As already discussed in the mailing list and weekly meetings, we added an 
> > opt-out usage data collection to buildbot, so that we can have a better 
> > idea of what our installation base looks like.
> >
> > Even if you are not affected by the fixes, please upgrade to rc3, so that 
> > we can release buildbot nine with the confidence that it has been installed 
> > on a fair amount of systems.
> >
> > As usual, you can find the release notes for complete list of what's new.
> > http://buildbot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/relnotes/0.9.0rc3.html
> >
> > And also the relnotes for nine as a whole compared to eight:
> > http://buildbot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/relnotes/0.9.0.html
> >
> > Don't forget to use the latest version of pip
> > pip install -U pip
> >
> > The packages are available on pypi, but as they are release candidates, you 
> > have to use the --pre option of pip.
> >
> > pip install -U 'buildbot[bundle]==0.9.0rc3' --pre
> >
> > Please continue the great move and adopt buildbot nine!
> I guess I'm surprised Buildbot 0.9 has reached RC stage. I've been checking 
> http://nine.buildbot.net for awhile, and I've never seen anything familiar 
> there. I kept hoping it would change to look more like 0.8 as development 
> continued, but that doesn't appear to have happened. It does not resemble the 
> 0.8 installation we've been using for years in any way that I can see. I 
> don't know how to use this, and I can't imagine asking my users to figure out 
> this interface either. I don't see a grid view or a console view. The 
> waterfall view doesn't load properly in Safari unless I then resize the 
> window, and even then I don't know what to do with it. It seems to take 2 or 
> 3 clicks to get information that was available at a glance with 0 clicks on 
> 0.8. The left navigation is confusing. (What's "Deploy", why's it first, and 
> why doesn't it have anything in it?) Pages take a long time to load, with all 
> of the asynchronous data they're loading. 6 out of the 7 settings screens say 
> "You shall not pass!" "need admin rights to access administration panels" (I 
> wasn't trying to access administration panels; I was trying to explore the 
> settings.)
> Even if I did want to upgrade, the migration guide is empty, so I don't know 
> how: http://trac.buildbot.net/wiki/NineMigrationGuide
> I'm just very confused by the direction Buildbot is taking in 0.9.

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