:I got a another one
:I created a fresh pfs-slave, and after that i did mirror-copy from
:home to the fresh pfs. Then i got kernel panic.
:After reboot tried the mirror-copy again and worked ok.
:i could reproduce it at home, i was using dfbsd 2.2.1
:I think its a problem about the timing of the operations, maybe it
:needs to wait for sync before the mirror copy and maybe it is already
:fixed in 2.2.2.

    What was the kernel panic?

    There *WAS* a bug related to doing mirror-copy's to a fresh slave,
    the kernel would panic on not being able to find the root inode on
    the slave (because it hadn't been copied yet by the mirror code).

    I'm pretty sure I fixed it in HEAD and possibly also in 2.2.2.

                                        Matthew Dillon 

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