:javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!
:/etc/host.conf: line 4: bad command `hosts'
:/etc/host.conf: line 6: bad command `bind'
:Fontconfig error: "conf.d", line 1: no element found
:Same thing, splash appears, then aborts.
:   simon

    What I did on my laptop to make it work was put
    /usr/pkg/openoffice.org2.4/share/fonts on a small UFS partition
    (my /boot) and then null-mount it onto

    This can be done using the VN device as well.  I know it's nuts but
    it seemed to work.

    OpenOffice has other issues unrelated to the filesystem... it has issues
    trying to locate files due to the prioritized linux emulation path
    lookups.  It gets very confused sometimes.

    I could never figure out why it didn't work with HAMMER.  I'm at a loss.
    Maybe there's some sort of zero-fill or other issue related to the linux
    emulation but I ran out of time trying to diagnose it.  I still don't
    think it is HAMMER-specific but instead some sort of side effect
    somewhere, like perhaps related to the stat info for the file(s) or
    something.  I just don't know.


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