On 4/29/11 11:21, Holger Hoffstätte wrote:
On 29.04.2011 16:31, Daniel Faber wrote:
wow, awesome post with great detailed explanations which I am very
interested in because we had a similar problem.  I have just one

I've read chapter 3.9 "Loading Native Code Libraries" in the OSGi spec
again and it seems the framework is not required to unpack all of a
bundle's native libs into the same directory.  But the procedure you
describe relies on this, doesn't it?
Right! I figured I'd leave that out to not make matters worse for now. I
actually had to develop such a fallback mechanism for just that case and
even reported a bug when Felix changed its cache layout
(https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-1731), so the problem is
definitely real. :)

In that case the only way out is to first try $ORIGIN and, failing that,
a fixed location like /tmp or any other directory to which your bundle
can unpack the libraries and try again. It's much more difficult to get
right since you really want to clean up afterwards, not clash with other
instances of your bundle on the same machine (need a cooperative locking
mechanism) etc.

Could you do it in the bundle's private data area?

-> richard

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