On 29.04.2011 17:21, Holger Hoffstätte wrote:

> Probably the biggest problem is the fact that the DT_RUNPATH is very
> limited in size. A truly dynamic & secure solution would be to rewrite
> the DT_RUNPATH ELF header from Java so that the path is short, but
> private (pid or short random token)..sort of like bytecode weaving, but
> for shared libraries. :)
> Porting the necessary patchelf bits to Java as OSGi service would make
> for an awesome student project!

But that OSGi service must hook into a bundle classloader's
loadLibrary() method, so this also requires framework implementation
changes, doesn't it?

> As Richard says your best
> bet would be to bring this up on the public osgi-dev list. There was a
> long-standing bug in the OSGi bugzilla about native dependencies, but I
> think it is dormant or dead.

Thanks for the hint, it's marked as wontfix:

I have to think again about it...

Daniel Faber

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