You can also simply open the web browser's built in debugging tools if your
IDE doesn't support debugging. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox understand
source maps too, so you'll see the original ActionScript.

I wrote a couple of tutorials:

- Josh

On Jan 12, 2017 11:40 PM, "piotrz" <> wrote:

> Hi Leo,
> It just came up to my mind, that if you use FTD and Material Design Library
> you probably won't be able to Fully debug your application. If I ready
> correctly support debugging at some point only on SWF sight without to much
> care about JS. We did in MDL lib only JS sigh - It means that if you use
> some native control from FlexJS let say Button - after compilation you will
> be able to launch flash and js application and this button will look
> exactly
> same.
> In case of MDL you will have only good looking application in JS.
> Visual Studio Code is the right choice with help of "source map" [1] plugin
> it's IDE which is capable of good debugging. You will read more in links
> provided in my previous post.
> [1]
> javascript/source-maps
> Piotr
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