With flash plugin going away, I'll need to port my Flex application to either 
Air or FlexJS sometime in the next year or two. I have a couple initial 

Q1. My scientific web app is very data centric, with lots of charts. In 
particular, I depend heavily on log charts. Does FlexJS support logarithmic 
axes? I couldn't find it in the documentation. 

Q2. For new projects, could someone help me understand the key advantage(s) 
FlexJS has in the market compared to other technologies such as AngularJS, 
ExtJS, etc.? For example, if you're quoting a project to a client, what type of 
project is in the sweet spot for using FlexJS rather than the status quo 
(whatever that is)?

Q3. What is the goal of FlexJS release 1.0, and when will it likely occur? Is 
it expected to be enough to develop a basic, real, app that is robust/bug-free? 

Q4. Compared to other HTML technologies, will there will a lot of maintenance 
of FlexJS code when browsers get updated, for example, that break previous 
code, in the same way that JS/HTML development has today? Flex/Flash plug-in 
spoiled me in that regard (maintenance free). Now that the shoe will be on the 
other foot, so I wonder what to expect in terms of maintenance; will it be a 
matter of filing a JIRA bug for example?. 

Thanks, GKK

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