Hi :)
Again, good points.  It is much easier to support people using a system
that you use yourself.  I gave up on using Kubuntu when i no longer had to
support anyone using it.  It is interesting and has tons of nice features
but i just prefer stock Ubuntu for my main use.  If i had to support low
spec machines again i would prolly give Kubuntu a go.
Regards from
a Tom :)

On 23 February 2018 at 17:26, Tim-L <webmas...@krackedpress.com> wrote:

> On 02/23/2018 09:43 AM, M Henri Day wrote:
> 2018-02-23 3:02 GMT+01:00 Tim-L <webmas...@krackedpress.com>:
>> I am getting an old HP desktop, that originally WinXP, ready to give away.
>> It has 64-bit AMD 3300+ CPU, 512MB ram, and only 160GB drive.  It was an
>> original Windows XP 32-bit OS system on a 64-bit hardware. Since it needs
>> ALL of the old user's info removed, and XP OS "damaged", It was better to
>> just make it a Linux system - for security reasons.
>> I just installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04 64-bit on it.  Their specs stated
>> 32-bit would be best but the system keeps failing due a SIS630 "module
>> missing".
>> So with these specs, what is the newest version of LO you would install?
>> With this low RAM, it may not be able to handle the newest versions. As I
>> type this, the old system is now in the "software updating" cycle.  So, it
>> is installing the newest LO that is in Ubuntu 16.04's repository.
>> To be honest, this system is a little old for my needs, but for a free
>> giveaway system [HP desktop, keyboard, mouse, and a HP "square" 15 inch
>> monitor], I do not have any parts to upgrade it and do not want to buy any
>> hardware for it.
>> So, what is the newest version I can install without and problems?.
> ​Tim, if you've managed to successfully install 64-bit Ubuntu MATE 16.04
> on this system, you should be able to install and run any version of LO -
> why not take the latest, 6.0.1 (or 6.0.2 to which LO just updated itself
> via the PPA om my Linux box) ? The only thing I'd recommend beyond this
> would be installing a bit more RAM. Even if you've made clear that you
> don't wish to buy any hardware for it, you should be able to obtain some
> used DDR-2 sticks, which the motherboard is almost certain to support, for
> next to nothing, which would make a great deal of difference in how you
> experience the computer (the system requirements for 64-bit LO 6.0.1 are
> listed as 256 MB RAM, with 512 MB recommended)....
> Henri
> Hey Henri. . . . .
> First - I would have to buy more ram.  I may find some in a box
> somewhere.  I do not want to put money into this free giveaway desktop.
> Since HP no longer have spec info for this old XP desktop, I do not know if
> the two 256MB memory sticks is the largest or could it take two 512MB
> instead.
> Second - Ubuntu MATE stated the x86 version would take the least amount of
> ram, but since it gave me fatal errors, I tried x64 version.  I run this on
> laptops, like the one I am typing from.
> Tom Davis
> thought this desktop could use Kubuntu.  I have not tried KDE for a long
> time.  I read a lot of articles that stated that MATE was the better option
> to take an old XP desktop and add Linux distro that would be the "easiest"
> to move to for those who used XP. I likes the "gnome" version used
> originally for Ubuntu version 9 thru 12. After that I changed to the MATE
> desktop environment. Since I use Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS, and will go to
> 18.04LTS this year, if the person who gets the old system needs help, I can
> help them.
> zahra a
> mentioned using XP on the system.  I do have XP and a Win7 upgrade DVDs.
> For XP, I do not want to reinstall XP since there are no security updates
> anymore.  I really want the system not to have to use half the processor
> usage for security software.  As for Win7, well there are still some
> security updated for a newly installed Win7 systems.  Also, the processor
> issue is the same with Win7. This security issue is one of the biggest
> reasons for running Linux.  I knew that Ubuntu 12 could run well, but I was
> hoping to get 16.04LTS to install.
> Third - The Ubuntu MATE install updated the 64-bit LO from the
> repository. I have one system running 5.4.4 and this one is running
>, but will go to 6.0.1.x soon.  I was thinking about running 5.4.5.x
> on the 512MB system.  I wanted the more "conservative user" version of LO
> over the "technology enthusiast, early adopter or power user" version for
> this system.
> To be honest, this old system will be used for a few things - browser,
> email, document creation, music and media player. I may add a few
> "education" packages to that system, since it may go to a kid as well as an
> adult.  As I stated, it will be free.  If you need a new/newer system, you
> can get a Win10 laptop for under $250.

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