Does "qalter -w v <job-id>" or "qstat -j <job-id>" (if you have
schedd_job_info=true set) reveal anything?

On 10/18/2016 06:26 PM, Michael Stauffer wrote:
> SoGE 8.1.8
> Hi,
> I'm using consumables h_vmem, s_vmem and slots and have rqs's to
> manage these. I've noticed sometimes that a user's jobs will sit in
> the queue even though their qquota output shows they haven't hit their
> limits, and "qstat -F h_vmem,s_vmem,slots" shows one or more nodes
> with enough resources available to run one or more of the
> queued-and-waiting jobs.
> Tonight I tried modifying the queue on some qw'ed jobs using qalter.
> The default queue is all.q, and first when I did 'qalter -q all.q
> <jobid>', the waiting job starting running right away. I tried on some
> more waiting jobs but no effect. Then I did 'qalter -q all.q@<host>
> <jobid>' where <host> was a host that was reporting sufficient
> resources via qstat -F. The job ran immediately. This worked for a few
> more jobs until resources were truly insufficient. 
> Does anyone have an idea what might be going on or how to continue
> debugging? Thanks.
> -M
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