Hi Daniel,

thank you. I have thought (and discussed with my wife) at length about getting seriously involved in the devlopment of the Groovy language, but due to a multitude of reasons I cannot make that commitment at this point in time. So I was thinking maybe more people feel the same way, and would instead like to give money to further "The language that is Groovy" ( (C) ;-) ).

We'll have to see how this goes, I have just posted the funding message to the Groovy Slack (https://groovy-community.slack.com/messages/C2NEFCM55/).

I guess 1000+ Groovers pledging e.g 5 to 10 EUR/$ per month would also go a long way to helping Groovy grow, but here I feel at least the Paypal address o.s. where the money shall flow should come from the "Lifetime Achievement Groovy Award" holders who are most active on the mailing list etc (Paul, Jochen, etc), and the funding Paypal link should go on the main Groovy web page. The important thing here would be to get people to commit to regular funding...


On 11.03.2018 14:58, Daniel.Sun wrote:
Hi  MG,

      After Pivotal stopped sponsoring Groovy, Groovy evolves much slower
than before. As we can see, Groovy project lead Guillaume, tech lead Jochen,
C├ędric have much less time to contribute to Groovy. Luckily, Paul still has
been contributing so much :-)

     In order to improve the situation, I discussed similar topic with Paul
some months ago. I wish we could find some sponsorship for volunteers to fix
some issues or achieve some new features, which I think can help Groovy
evolves faster and adopted wider.

     Thank you for making the similar idea on the way ;-)


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