out of curiosity (and because having a fat jar again might be conventient at some point in the future in my work environment (also no internet access)):

This solution proposed by Keith does not work


Am 19.12.2018 um 23:33 schrieb Paul Moore:
On Wed, 19 Dec 2018 at 21:23, James Kleeh <james.kl...@gmail.com> wrote:

The best solution is to use Maven or Gradle to create an all-in-one (fat) jar 
that you can ship and run with java -jar

Gradle has a shadow plugin and Maven has a shade plugin to do just that.
Thanks. I'd come to the conclusion that Gradle was likely the solution
I should be looking at, and I've spent the evening trying to set up a
basic Gradle script that does what I want. After a lot of
experimentation, I came up with the following, which seems to do what
I want:

---------- start build.gradle ----------

version = "0.1"

configurations {

dependencies {
     deploy 'org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:2.5.4'

repositories {

task copyDeps(type:Copy, group: "Custom", description: "Copies project
dependencies") {
     from configurations.deploy.collect { it.absolutePath }
     into "dest/lib"

task copy(type: Copy, group: "Custom", description: "Copies sources to
the dest directory") {
     from "src"
     include "*.groovy"
     into "dest"

task deploy(type:Zip, group: "Custom", description: "Build a deployment zip") {
     dependsOn copyDeps
     dependsOn copy
     from "dest"
     setArchiveName "${project.name}-${project.version}.zip"

---------- end build.gradle ----------

It doesn't create a fat jar yet, but I can look into setting that up.
The various existing plugins seem to be dependent upon the
infrastructure set up by the java plugin, which I don't really
understand (or need, as far as I can tell) so they may not be of much
help. But I'm not sure what I need to do yet to write my own.
Something simple like

task customFatJar(type: Jar) {
     dependsOn copyDeps
     baseName = 'all-in-one-jar'
     from "dest/lib"

gives me an "all-in-one-jar.jar" that contains the dependency jars
directly included, rather than being unpacked. So there's more I need
to do here...


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