I use Scriptom – for registering and managing Windows Services (mostly).  I 
believe that MS are moving away from the COM model – but I am sure it will be 
around for a while yet.  As such it will not change much – and hence the 
ScriptOM utility is unlikely to need changing either.

Here is an example:

org.codehaus.groovy.scriptom.Scriptom.inApartment {

    def locator = new 

    def services = locator.ConnectServer('.')

<<blaa blaa other stuff!!>

    /* a test to list all cryo services with their dependencies */

    if (testOnly) {

        for(process in services.ExecQuery("SELECT Name FROM Win32_Service where 
(displayname like 'cryo%') and StartMode != 'Disabled'", 'WQL', 
wbemFlagForwardOnly)) {

          println process.Name()

          for (depServ in services.ExecQuery("Associators of 
{Win32_Service.Name='" + process.Name() + "'} Where 
AssocClass=Win32_DependentService Role=Dependent")) {

                println  "\tDep: ${depServ.DisplayName} state: ${depServ.State}"


          for (depServ in services.ExecQuery("Associators of 
{Win32_Service.Name='" + process.Name() + "'} Where 
AssocClass=Win32_DependentService Role=Antecedent")) {

                println  "\tAsc: ${depServ.DisplayName} state: ${depServ.State}"





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From: Keegan Witt <keeganw...@gmail.com>
Sent: 11 February 2019 2:24 AM
To: users@groovy.apache.org
Subject: Groovy file associations on Windows

In addition to removing projects that are no longer developed from the Groovy 
Windows installer (Gpars, Gaelyk, Scriptom, EasyB, Gant, GMock), I'm 
considering removing the exe files from 
These haven't been compiled in quite a while and are just another thing to 
maintain.  As I see it, there are two primary benefits these provide.

  1.  Provide a way to create file associations so you can double click a 
Groovy file, or run myFile.groovy instead of groovy myFile.groovy.
  2.  Hide the command window when launching GroovyConsole.
For #2, I can work around this with a VBScript file (or NirCmd).  #1 doesn't 
have a good way to solve other than the current native binary solution since 
Launch4J doesn't support variable 
expansion<https://sourceforge.net/p/launch4j/bugs/162/>.  My question is, do 
many folks need this functionality?  It's something I've never personally used. 
 Please weigh in with your thoughts.


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