One more of those unpractical mailing lists... (I'm already deleting 99% of what I receive to ask a single question. This is more than the spam.)

Okay, so I'm not going to solve this problem server-side. The client that gets the error will have to retry on its own more often and even resend its POST data. And users will have to live with the error message they might see and learn to work around it. Not nice but certainly possible.

Dropping packets is a very hard measure and will affect the entire web server, not just that single site. So it's not possible at all.


Von: Marat Khalili
Gesendet: Mo, 2018-02-12 04:56 +0100

If your upgrade procedure is indeed "a second", I'd try to DROP with iptables SYN packets from proxy to appserver for this period, proxy will likely retry connection attempts. Depends on many factors, but at least worths a try.

Where can I request that feature to be considered for adding?

On developers, not users maillist? With a patch ready or a bounty for implementation?

What solutions do you have for this issue?

Most users will just reload the page upon seeing 503 error. Applications need to be taught case-by-case, since not all operations are sensible or safe to retry. That's going to be a problem when you discuss automating it unconditionally with developers.

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