On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:24 AM, Yves Goergen
<nospam.l...@unclassified.de> wrote:
> One more of those unpractical mailing lists... (I'm already deleting 99% of
> what I receive to ask a single question. This is more than the spam.)

One more of those users who think their issues should be resolved the
way they think...

> Dropping packets is a very hard measure and will affect the entire web
> server, not just that single site. So it's not possible at all.

Waiting in the proxy/server to retry connections after a delay is also
going to affect an entire proxy/server (with limited resources).
The proxy/server doesn't look like the right place to retain
connections, this is more a "network" job IMHO.
I'd DROP before the proxy during maintainance though, browers know if
they can reconnect and/or resend requests on failure, proxy don't.

Feel free to => delete ;)


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