Alright, I get the point. Making the connection more stable isn't going to work or happen inside of Apache. So my question is probably answered, you can close this case. (Oh, no case management in place, just a bunch of comments.)

More off-topic: Mailing list defenders usually can't come up with advantages while I can easily name several disadvantages. Getting on-board is the hardest. Lists may be convenient for regulars, but are horror for occasional help-seekers. Registration and organising things to actually find the response takes too many steps and minutes. Sadly, nobody cares. It was good in the 80s, no need to change that. Of course I'm not deleting messages of my own thread, just all the others I have no use for. Moving to modern and usable web platforms next time... Just thought the official channel would know more on the topic.


Von: Yann Ylavic
Gesendet: Mo, 2018-02-12 10:47 +0100
On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:24 AM, Yves Goergen
<> wrote:
One more of those unpractical mailing lists... (I'm already deleting 99% of
what I receive to ask a single question. This is more than the spam.)

One more of those users who think their issues should be resolved the
way they think...

Dropping packets is a very hard measure and will affect the entire web
server, not just that single site. So it's not possible at all.

Waiting in the proxy/server to retry connections after a delay is also
going to affect an entire proxy/server (with limited resources).
The proxy/server doesn't look like the right place to retain
connections, this is more a "network" job IMHO.
I'd DROP before the proxy during maintainance though, browers know if
they can reconnect and/or resend requests on failure, proxy don't.

Feel free to => delete ;)


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