I'm using Apache Jena 3.1.0 for materialization by applying a reasoner
and working on an InfModel, i.e.

Reasoner reasoner = ReasonerRegistry.getRDFSSimpleReasoner();
InfModel infModel = ModelFactory.createInfModel(reasoner, rawModel);

For my use case, the RDFS simple ruleset is fine, but this still
contains some "trivial" statements for the rdfs:subClassOf closure, i.e.
it returns

:A rdfs:subClassOf :A  (1)

I've seen that the RDFS simple ruleset omits the rules for the
transitivity of rdfs:subClassOf and rdfs:subPropertyOf and there is a
comment that this is computed somewhere in the TGC. So I guess that (1)
results from the TCG layer?
While beeing correct from an RDFS semantics point of view, is there a
way to omit this information by some option or the like?
If not, I can indeed use my own RDFS simple ruleset, which adds
not_equals to the corresponding rules.

Kind regards,


Lorenz B├╝hmann
AKSW group, University of Leipzig
Group: http://aksw.org - semantic web research center

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