Lorenz yes I know object properties connect resources of two classes and it
must be URIs..

In our ontology we have object property "hasPublications" which has domain
Person and range Publication class (Publication instances can be a Book,
Paper or Article) . Users need to type a person publication by typing its
name in a text box "Cloud computing security"  and we have to find it.

So in that case in order to use it as Filter in query, we need to use both
object property and data property like

 Person hasPublications somepublication   and then data property as string
 publicationName "String value"

On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 10:49 AM, Lorenz B. <
buehm...@informatik.uni-leipzig.de> wrote:

> > For example, if we have to use filter keyword with a java variable
> (filter
> > ?var='javaVariable) in our semantic web application, is it mandatory to
> use
> > it as "data property" in our ontology and use it as String type?
> Obviously, but it depends on the content of javaVariable ... you can
> also compare other datatypes like int, double, etc. and for some you
> have to provide the datatype explcitely, i.e. "VALUE"^^<DATATYPE_URI>
> But yes, if it would be an object property you have to use a URI - I
> hope this is clear, this is very basic Semantic Web knowledge, you
> should already know that object properties "connect" resources which are
> denoted by URIs.
> >
> > Like, name as data property in the ontology and then we use in our
> > Filter) query when a user enter the name in a text box.
> >
> > Some time we need some object properties (as string) to use it as filter
> in
> > our queries.
> >
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