+1. At the least, we will have provided a starting point, and I believe that 
users will find that helpful in and of itself.


> On Mar 7, 2018, at 12:12 PM, Andy Seaborne <a...@apache.org> wrote:
> Maybe the best way to proceed is to put a script in now so it gets picked up 
> in the next release and not worry too much about the details but instead mark 
> it "experimental" or "template to start from".
> We can discuss details we know about but often its the things other users 
> have in their systems that generate concerns we can not know.
> Great tutorial!
>    Andy
> On 02/03/18 14:42, Neubert, Joachim wrote:
>> +1 for inclusion, and for consideration of more FHS compatible directory 
>> layout, too.
>> The
>>   Environment=FUSEKI_HOME=/opt/fuseki
>>   Environment=FUSEKI_BASE=/etc/fuseki
>> lines in Osmas script makes the environment settings quite clear. However, 
>> I'm not sure if these completely override the settings in 
>> /etc/default/fuseki.
> Setting FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE should work.
> If /etc/default/fuseki is leaking through that's a bug.
> Or we ough to advise not having /etc/default/fuseki and put the setting in 
> the script.
> FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE defaults are supposed to be something simple and 
> not prescriptive.
>> The path in
>>   ExecStart=/opt/fuseki/fuseki-server
>> unfortunately cannot be replaced by $FUSEKI_HOME ("Executable path is not 
>> absolute" - "Refusing").
>> If published as part of the docs, the memory setting should probably be
>>   Environment=JVM_ARGS=-Xmx2G
>> perhaps with a hint on how it should increase with total memory size.
>> Another sentence in 
>> https://jena.apache.org/documentation/fuseki2/fuseki-run.html#fuseki-service 
>> could clarify: "For newer systemd based Linux systems, the script 
>> 'fuseki.service' is provided. Please adapt to your paths and settings."
>> Cheers, Joachim
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>>> Betreff: Re: CentOS 7/systemd startup script for fuseki
>>> ajs6f kirjoitti 02.03.2018 klo 16:01:
>>>  > Is this worth including in the distribution as a file, or maybe just in
>>> "README"-type docs?
>>> I think it would be worth including - after some consideration perhaps.
>>> There is already an old-style sysv init script in the Fuseki distribution 
>>> after all.
>>> However, I would like some discussion first about what the proper way is to
>>> install Fuseki as a system level service on a typical Linux machine.
>>> As you can see from the tutorial I linked to from my previous message, it's
>>> currently a bit cumbersome to make it comply to the FHS. Naturally the 
>>> chosen
>>> directory layout also affects the systemd unit file.
>>> -Osma
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