provisionally accomplished task by embedding A01,A03 and A08 HL7 Event-types 
into SOAP 1.2 Envelopes
I remember having difficulty transporting over a non-dedicated transport such 
as what Kafka implements
Producer Embeds Fragment1 into SOAPEnvelope
Producer Sends Fragment1-SOAPEnvelope of A01
Consumer pulls Fragment1 of A01 from SOAP1.2 Body and places SOAPEnvelope into 
Consumer quiesces connection presumably so other SOAP 1.2 messages can be 
Consumer re-activates connection when sufficient bandwidth detected(higher 
priirity SOAP1.2 envelopes have been transmitted)
Producer Embed Fragment2 into SOAPEnvelope

Producer Sends Fragment2-SOAPEnvelope of A01
Consumer pulls Fragment2 of A01 from SOAP1.2Body and places into cache
When Consumer detects EOT Consumer aggregates n Fragments from cache to 
all-inclusive A01 event
Consumer parses A01 to segments
Consumer parses attributes of each segment 
Consumer insert(s)/update(s) segment-attribute(s)  into database
Consumer displays updated individual segment-attributes to UI and or displays 
inserted segment-attributes to UI


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> Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 09:22:32 -0500
> Subject: HL7 messages to Kafka consumer
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> Has anyone done this?   I'm working with medical hospital company that
> wants to ingest HL7 messages into Kafka cluster, topics.
> Any guidance appreciated.
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