On 02/14/2018 09:33 AM, Anne Wilson wrote:
I mistakenly installed the Gnome Desktop from a live DVD  - my SSD is small, 
and I want KDE, so I have burned a disk with the Spin.  Problem now, though, is 
that Fedora appears to have turned UEFI back on, and I can't find any way of 
getting back to promoting the DVD drive.  Interrupting the boot simply offers 
me the choice of the existing Workstation or Rescue.  How can I access the spin 

Fedora can't change the BIOS settings. You need to access the BIOS (or EFI) boot menu. The key needed depends on the laptop brand. HP uses F9, but others can use ESC or F12 to bring up the menu. And sometimes you have to start pressing it as soon as the backlight turns on, even before there is anything on the screen.
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