On 02/20/18 09:25, Ed Greshko wrote:
>  If I can only find the mini-HDMI cable that would connect
> to my laptop.  I have never used a TV as a monitor so I don't know how well 
> suited
> they are for this purpose.

I found my HDMI cable.  The TV is a 48 inch model.  It just so happens that its
preferred resolution is the same as my 11 inch laptop screen at 1920x1080.  The 
on my laptop are very crisp and clear.  On the TV, not so much when viewed 
close up. 
Better when viewed from a distance but still not as good as a monitor.

However, I think I may have found your problem.

Looking at the specs for your TV/monitor we find that the screen size is 23.5" 
with a
pixel density of 66ppi at the native resolution. In searching for articles on 
TV as monitor they recommend a display with no less than 80dpi.  I could not 
find the
specs on my TV's display.  It is about 3 years old.

Now compare that with my Asus monitors.  They are 25" displays with a pixel 
of 117ppi at their native resolution of 2560x1440

(I think PPD, pixel per degree, may be a better measure but that seems harder t 
by or calculate)

Everything is sharp and clear on my Asus monitors.

I think you have HW which is never going to be satisfactory as a monitor.  
others with better understanding of display technology have their opinion.

A motto of mine is: When in doubt, try it out

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