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Keith wrote:
Please forgive my ignorance on this matter (I don't currently use any of the
integrated VS functionality - have been working with embedding the runtime
in an existing application), but what is the difference between "IronPython
Tools" and "Python Tools for Visual Studio"? I was under the impression this
was the same thing?
IronPython Tools was the initial version that was undergoing development while
Microsoft was still funding IronPython development.  After we released 
back to the community I switched to a new team and started working on PTVS 
the IronPython Tools code base as a starting point).  PTVS keeps all of the 
that IpyTools had but adds:
        Support for CPython (and other Python implementations like Jython and 
        Support for multiple versions of Python (2.5 - 3.2)
        A Python specific debugger (instead of just using the .NET debugger)
        Profiling of CPython apps
        MPI projects and debugging

There's probably some other new features that I'm missing.  So it's basically a 
general and better version of IpyTools but our core focus is on high performance
computing scenarios where you'd like to use Python - but we're also making sure
we just have a great Python development experience as well.

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The new tools are awesome. Thanks again!

(BTW, any idea yet when this one might be done? http://ironpython.codeplex.com/workitem/30379 )
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