I've been working on adapting Mercurial to run on IronPython 2.7, and ran into http://ironpython.codeplex.com/workitem/26852 which has stopped me from getting `hg clone` working over SSL.

I noticed that for the ssl module, the IPY team mirrored the CPython pattern of placing the platform-specific code in the _ssl compiled module, and then wrapped the platform-independent around it in ssl.py (almost entirely shared with CPython 2.7).

The socket module, however, does not. I admit I have a limited understanding of the code, but at first blush, it appears that adopting the _socket.cs/socket.py isn't out-of-the-question. Is there a story behind this, or am I missing something obvious to everyone else?

The immediate benefit would be getting a free implementation of _socketobject, _dummy, and dup(); it also improves DRY conformance, and would help to limit behavioral differences with respect to other implementations.



P.S. Any advice on tackling issue #26852 is very warmly appreciated.
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