I would like to ask you, what you recommend as the most simplest way to
debug C#/mono using the Monobjc library. After some long hours I found out,
that I'm able to compile Monobjc applications from within Monodevelop. Also
I found out that these application even run, if you structure the output as
an application bundle and start the bundle from the Finder or from Terminal.
But every time when I try to execute them with the integrated debugger of
Monodevelop I get the "Error loading NIB"-Message, which is discussed a
couple of times in the archive of this mailing list.

So how do you debug your applications?

Maybe we get this "Error loading NIB"-problem fixed, if we set some
parameter correctly? I would love to get the integrated debugger of
Monodevelop working with Monobjc.

I'm fairly new to Monobjc and developing in Cocoa but I do have 5+ years of
professional development background in .net/C# under Windows.

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