After looking into this a bit more it appears that the issue is I am building 
on a head node which does not have the driver installed.  Building on back node 
resolves this issue.  In CUDA 8.0 the NVML stubs can be found in the toolkit at 
the following path:  ${CUDA_HOME}/lib64/stubs

For 8.0 I'd suggest updating the configure/make scripts to look for nvml there 
and link in the stubs.  This way the build is not dependent on the driver being 
installed and only the toolkit.


From: users [] On Behalf Of Justin 
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 9:53 AM
Subject: [OMPI users] Problem building OpenMPI with CUDA 8.0

I have the release version of CUDA 8.0 installed and am trying to build OpenMPI.

Here is my configure and build line:

./configure --prefix=$PREFIXPATH --with-cuda=$CUDA_HOME --with-tm= 
--with-openib= && make && sudo make install

Where CUDA_HOME points to the cuda install path.

When I run the above command it builds for quite a while but eventually errors 
out wit this:

make[2]: Entering directory 
  CCLD     opal_wrapper
../../../opal/.libs/ undefined reference to `nvmlInit_v2'
../../../opal/.libs/ undefined reference to 
../../../opal/.libs/ undefined reference to 

Any idea what I might need to change to get around this error?

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