To completely disable UCX you need to disable the UCX MTL and not only the
BTL. I would use "--mca pml ob1 --mca btl ^ucx —mca btl_openib_allow_ib 1".

As you have a gdb session on the processes you can try to break on some of
the memory allocations function (malloc, realloc, calloc).


On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 2:37 PM Noam Bernstein via users <> wrote:

> I tried to disable ucx (successfully, I think - I replaced the “—mca btl
> ucx —mca btl ^vader,tcp,openib” with “—mca btl_openib_allow_ib 1”, and
> attaching gdb to a running process shows no ucx-related routines active).
> It still has the same fast growing (1 GB/s) memory usage problem.
>       Noam
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