Hilarious - I wrote that code and I have no idea who added that option or what 
it is supposed to do. I can assure, however, that it isn’t implemented anywhere.

Perhaps if you tell us what pattern you are trying to get, we can advise you on 
the proper cmd line to get there?

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I’m unaware of any “map-to cartofile” option, nor do I find it in mpirun’s help 
or man page. Are you seeing it somewhere?

>From "mpirun —help”:

tin 1431 : mpirun --help mapping
mpirun (Open MPI) 4.0.1

Usage: mpirun [OPTION]...  [PROGRAM]...
Start the given program using Open RTE

   -cf|--cartofile <arg0>  
                         Provide a cartography file
followed by all the other mapping-related options.

Maybe what I want is best described as not doing round-robin, but I see no way 
to do that either.


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