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Hilarious - I wrote that code and I have no idea who added that option or what 
it is supposed to do. I can assure, however, that it isn’t implemented anywhere.

Not really a big deal, since the documentation doesn’t explain them, and I was 
just grasping at straws. Are rankfiles implemented?  Maybe I could use those 
(although binding/mapping command line arguments would definitely be easier).

Perhaps if you tell us what pattern you are trying to get, we can advise you on 
the proper cmd line to get there?

I thought that was in the original email.  Basically, I have 2 18 core CPUs, 
and I want ranks 0-17 on slots 0-17 in cpu 0 and 18-35 on slots 0-17 in cpu 1.  
I’d have thought that would be straightforward, but everything I’ve tried ends 
up with i_task%2 == i_cpu, i.e. 0,2,4,… on cpu 0 and 1,3,5… on cpu 1.

Too many emails to track :-(

Should just be “--map-by core --rank-by core” - nothing fancy required. Sounds 
like you are getting --map-by node, or at least --rank-by node, which means 
somebody has set an MCA param either in the system config file or the 



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