There are a number of lower level modules in use by the ansible tools
that are targeted at creating / updating config objects on OpenShift.

We've been discussing increasing and enhancing those tools to make it
even easier to manage openshift with ansible (for both platform tools
as well as for app delivery).  Jason DeTiberus and Kenny Woodson have
been heavily involved in several efforts in this direction.

> On Oct 13, 2016, at 9:54 AM, Philippe Lafoucrière 
> <> wrote:
> Just to clarify our need here:
> We want the projects config inside a configuration tool. There's currently 
> nothing preventing from modifying the config of a project (let's say, a DC), 
> and no one will be notified of the change.
> We're looking for something to keep track of changes, and make sure the 
> config deployed is the config we have in our git repo.
> Thanks
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