Hi Liviu,

Should I enable debug logs when capturing the OpenSIPS logs?  I have logs only 
for INFO message. i.e log level is 3 in my case.
Also is there any FTP site available to upload the logs and tcpdump? Because in 
e-mail it doesn’t allow to send more than 40 KB.


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Hi, Agalya!

Thank you for including the POST method in your tests as well. In order to 
understand more about the problem, we need to print some information, in order 
to correlate the SIP flow of those calls with the fact that resume_route was 
not called, although the HTTP requests are correctly handled. Could you please 
do the following info to your testing framework, and attempt to replicate the 
missing resume_routes again?

- trace all traffic (pcap format) on your server's SIP port (e.g. 5060). 
Example command: "tcpdump -i <interface> -s 5060 -w <some-file>"

- in your OpenSIPS script:

    * for each INVITE, print the $ci variable

    * for each resume_route, print the $ci variable again

If, by any chance, all the above information is already available, could you 
please email the pcap and problematic Call-IDs to 
li...@opensips.org<mailto:li...@opensips.org>, so I can take a look? Thanks!

Best regards,

Liviu Chircu

OpenSIPS Developer

On 17.10.2016 18:33, Ramachandran, Agalya (Contractor) wrote:
Hi Razvan/Liviu,

My test observance as follows:


1)      In the sipp client if I have pause value after 200 OK between 12 to 24 
sec, am seeing that for ~15 calls resume_route is not called.

2)      I have increased pause time to  24 -45 sec and also 180-240 sec. This 
both cases,  call setup is complete. resume_route is executed for all 100K 

3)      In the sipp client, pause of 12 to 24 sec after 200OK. For 10 calls out 
of 100K calls, resume_route is not called.

This happened only once out of  three times. Other 2 times call set is 
complete. REST_POST is returning 4xx in my case.

4)      In the sipp client, pause of 24 to 45 sec after 200OK.Call set up is 


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Hi, Agalya!

Can you try running the tests with the stock code, without the PUT API code? 
Just run the tests with the POST method, to confirm whether there is a bug in 
the stock code, or in the custom code you made.

Best regards,

Răzvan Crainea

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