Hello Pierre,

Scilab 6.0 will propose a new function *tbx_make*(..) that will be able to do exactly what you want:

By the way, it will greatly simplify compilation of modules, and will no longer require many cooky-files .sce like buildmacros.sce buildoc.sce etc etc spread everywhere in the tree of files of a module. On the forefront, tbx_make() aims to replace & merge most of functions of the "modules manager" module, that are rather some atomic internals not really welcome as public functions:

If you use Scilab on Linux, you can already test tbx_make() in the nightly built release (*).

If you are working with Scilab 5, you may use the attached script. Its how-to is in comments.


(*) tbx_make() merged on 2016-10-02 in the master release is still unavailable in the today NB sticking on the 2016-09-22 sources for Windows.

Le 12/10/2016 22:00, Pierre Vuillemin a écrit :

Hi all,

I am trying to make a function similar to genlib but which goes recursively through folders to find .sci files, compile them and put them in a given target build folder.

The idea is that I would like to be able to organize my 'macros' folder while still being able to generate a library. In particular, I would like to have that kind of folder organization :


// "genlib" a folder of macros with subfolders of macros
// The name of the folder yields the name of the main library (+"lib")
// The name of each subfolder yields the name of the related sublibrary (+"lib")
// Put this script in the main macros folder and exec() it from anywhere.

path = get_absolute_file_path("buildmacros.sce")
tmp = strsplit(fileparts(path),filesep());
dirs = dir(path);
dirs = dirs.name(dirs.isdir)'
genlib(tmp($-1)+"lib", path, %t);
for d = dirs
        genlib(d+"lib",path+d, %t);
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