On 2022-01-21 23:54, Samuel Gougeon wrote:
Hello Claus,

Le 21/01/2022 à 20:58, Claus Futtrup a écrit :
Hi Scilabers

Today I tried to replace xdel(winsid()) in one of my scripts with close(winsid()) because Scilab shows a warning in the console:

Warning: Feature xdel(...) is obsolete and will be permanently removed in Scilab 6.2

Warning: Please use close(...) instead.

I am negatively surprised that the close() command takes a long time to execute with 5-10 windows open (a few seconds per window). The xdel() command can do it in a split second.

The issue comes not from close() but from the change offindobj() that it calls <http://bugzilla.scilab.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13738#c4>, noticeably to perform findobj("figure_id",id) in 6.1.1. It does not impact only <http://bugzilla.scilab.org/16734> close() for this case, that was processed as a special accelerated case <https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/20953/6/scilab/modules/gui/macros/findobj.sci> in the former findobj().

This downgradingwas reported <http://bugzilla.scilab.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7117#c6> 7 months before releasing 6.1.1, and knowingly ignored, while it is perfectly fixable by restoring the fast special case.

What is the motivation for replacing xdel with close?

Both do the same thing. Scilab does not need duplicates.


scf(id) is much faster than findobj("figure_id",id)

--> winsid()
 ans  =
   0.   1.

--> tic, f = []; for k=winsid(), f = [findobj("figure_id",k); f]; end, toc
 ans  =

--> tic, f = []; for k=winsid(), f = [scf(k); f]; end, toc
 ans  =

So, this is how to do it:

--> for k=winsid(), delete(scf(k)); end

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