However, the findobj() fix that has been recently merged by Clément restores only the speed of tags search. findbobj() won't be further fixed as it provides many useful features which were missing to its (fast but poor) previous version.

Indeed, using findobj to get the handle of a figure knowing its id is the most complicated that one can imagine. It sounds to me like the affirmation: « why make it simple when it can be made complicated »... I mean, close() has to be fixed to use scf() as proposed in this thread.

Sometimes adding useful and needed features can degrade the speed of a function (you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs). Finding handles given their tag has its original performance with this patch. But I repeat that h=findobj('figure_id",id) should be avoided in favour of h=scf(id), until findobj() is completely rewritten in C++ (which is planned).

Moreover nobody was complaining about xdel() and making it deprecated was never discussed by the community. Many people don't use Scilab any more because it misses features. So Scilab needs features, not absurde/arbitrary cleaning . A word to the wise...


Le 2022-01-22 14:24, Stéphane Mottelet a écrit :


This is fixed for the next release: [1]

In the meantime, if you really need it you can download the patched version of findobj.


Le 21 janv. 2022 à 23:54, Samuel Gougeon <> a écrit :

Hello Claus,

Le 21/01/2022 à 20:58, Claus Futtrup a écrit : Hi Scilabers

Today I tried to replace xdel(winsid()) in one of my scripts with close(winsid()) because Scilab shows a warning in the console:

Warning: Feature xdel(...) is obsolete and will be permanently removed in Scilab 6.2

Warning: Please use close(...) instead.

I am negatively surprised that the close() command takes a long time to execute with 5-10 windows open (a few seconds per window). The xdel() command can do it in a split second.

The issue comes not from close() but from the change of findobj() that it calls [2], noticeably to perform findobj("figure_id",id) in 6.1.1. It does not impact only [3] close() for this case, that was processed as a special accelerated case [4] in the former findobj(). This downgrading was reported [5] 7 months before releasing 6.1.1, and knowingly ignored, while it is perfectly fixable by restoring the fast special case.

What is the motivation for replacing xdel with close?
Both do the same thing. Scilab does not need duplicates.


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