The webpage http://wiki.strongswan.org/wiki/1/KernelModules
states that the following kernel modules are required for strongswan 

Networking  --->
  Networking options  --->
    Transformation user configuration interface
    PF_KEY sockets
    TCP/IP networking
      IP: advanced router
      IP: policy routing
      IP: AH transformation
      IP: ESP transformation
      IP: IPComp transformation
      IP: IPsec transport mode
      IP: IPsec tunnel mode
      IP: IPsec BEET mode (experimental)
    The IPv6 protocol
      IPv6: AH transformation
      IPv6: ESP transformation
      IPv6: IPComp transformation
      IPv6: IPsec transport mode
      IPv6: IPsec tunnel mode
      IPv6: IPsec BEET mode
      IPv6: Multiple Routing Tables  
    Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)  --->
      Core Netfilter Configuration 
      IPsec "policy" match support
 Cryptographic API
   Select algorithms you want to use...

If we only want Ipv4 support, can this required kernel modules list be 

It seems that I I remove all of the Ipv6 modules the IPsec doesn't work 
so there is some dependency.
Can you tell what it is?

Dimitrios Siganos
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