I also have the case where maven-compiler-plugin puts a dependency in
classpath while it should be in modulepath. Strangely, the plugin does
the correct thing when executed with "mvn _clean_ install" but not when
executing "mvn install" without clean. This issue happen only when the
useIncrementalCompilation option is set to false. In addition the
javadoc plugin also seems to sometime put dependencies in unexpected
classpath/modulepath option. A Maven option for specifying whether a
dependency should be in the classpath or modulepath would be convenient
as a workaround…


Le 11/04/2018 à 13:14, Roman Grigoriadi a écrit :

> Thanks Robert,
> I tried to add requires for name which is resolved by JPMS for my
> non-modularised jar, and it *somehow* made compiler-plugin to put this jar
> on module-path.
> However if I don't want to reference this jar in my module descriptor, so I
> let decision up to user if to put this dependency on CP or MP for app
> runtime, would it make sense to add configuration parameter for
> compiler-plugin which will force CP/MP for some of the dependencies during
> compilation?
> The best solution I have found so far is to copy such dependencies
> somewhere before compilation and pass --module-path, --add-modules and
> --add-reads to javac.

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