On 11/20/05, Brett Porter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Right - though Maven discovers pom's in ../pom.xml, so if your layout
> is different, you must ensure that the parent is already installed in
> the repository (mvn install in the build directory in this case, or
> deployed to a remote repository accessible from the child project).

Right now (with m1) we can check out a single subproject and build it
with just 'svn co ...' and 'maven dist'.

It seems like we're going to lose that with m2.  So far I think the
<parent> tag has to include
<relativePath>../build/pom.xml</relativePath> (and everyone will need
to know to check out 'build' along with whichever sub-project).  And
the svn externals are no longer useful.

That's okay... but before I go down that path I want to make sure I'm
not missing something that will make it Just Work with m2.


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