​Ram, info that may be of use:

Apache Camel has endpoints that can be used declaratively (with little or no 
Java programming -- which doesn't mean easy-to-use; they are under-documented! 

These Camel endpoints can be used for NiFi within the NiFi 

And Camel has a CMIS endpoint that theoretically can be used to talk to 

I am working on pulling Salesforce data into NiFi using the Apache Camel 
endpoint for Salesforce in a NiFi SpringContextProcessor.  (Salesforce has a 
complex REST API behind an OAuth login).  I'm having some problems, but getting 

For the Camel CMIS endpoint, it isn't clear that it actually works with 
Sharepoint.  There's a history in google of some folks trying to use it, with 
unclear results.  (Note the google results list is obfuscated by the existence 
of a Sharepoint API called "CAML", which is unrelated to Apache Camel!)  A 
couple relevant links are:

  *   https://code.google.com/archive/p/camel-cmis/
  *   https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAMEL-6124

You'll have to decide if exploring Camel CMIS is worth the time, vs just 
jumping in and creating a custom Processor for Sharepoint -- using, perhaps, 
the Apache Chemistry library, which is the underlying library used by the Camel 
CMIS implementation!  
 may be useful to read whether using Apache Chemistry library directly, or 
trying to use Apache Camel CMIS.

Let us know which approach you pursue.

From: Aldrin Piri <aldrinp...@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: Idea needed to get XL from SharePoint using NiFi

Hi Ram,

Accomplishing this task would require some effort beyond those items currently 
bundled with NiFi.

I am not well versed in Sharepoint internals, but it seems like there is an 
available REST API [1] that would allow you to access files and folders [2].  
Depending on the nuances of authentication, InvokeHTTP may be a reasonable 
solution to both query an endpoint and serve as a means for finding additional 
information to get specific files and folders.  Doing some quick searching on 
top of that, it appears there are a few libraries available that may facilitate 
acquiring files from Sharepoint which could be used in a custom processor to 
streamline the process.

Once you are able to access Sharepoint and gather the documents of interest, 
some transform would be needed from the xls(x) format to CSV.  I have a vague 
recollection of someone in the community working with Apache POI [3] to 
facilitate this process but cannot seem to find the reference with some 
searching.  This would also require custom processor development.

The suite of ExecuteProcess, ExecuteStreamCommand, ExecuteScript, 
InvokeScripted processors may provide some additional avenues for exploration 
if you currently have applications that accomplish some of this presently or 
have comfort working with JVM-friendly scripting languages.

The final steps of saving to disk and/or loading a database are supported and 
should cover your needs beyond the data capture and transformation.

[1] https://msdn.microsoft.com/EN-US/library/office/fp142380.aspx
[2] https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/dn292553.aspx
[3] http://poi.apache.org/

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I need to get the XL files on windows SharePoint 2013  and store as CSV file or 
load into database? Please give me the things to try out?


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