Hi All,
I have been trying to use get and load processor for the dynamodb and I am
almost there. I am able to run the get processor and I see, data is flowing
But I see the following error in my nifi-app.log file:

2016-10-13 18:02:38,823 ERROR [Timer-Driven Process Thread-9]
GetDynamoDB[id=7d906337-0157-1000-5868-479d0e0e3580] Hash key value '' is
required for flow file
container=default, section=423], offset=0,

I understand that, its looking for the Hash Key Value but I am not sure,
how do I pass it.  In the setting tab, nifi automatically populates
this: ${dynamodb.item.hash.key.value} but looks like this is not the right
way to do it. Can I get some guidance on this? Thanks for all the help.



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