As Bryan mentioned, we do allow for Reporting Tasks to report these sorts of 
metrics and bulletins to other systems.

One thing that I wanted to note, though, is that you can right-click on a 
Processor and view Status History. This will
show you the metrics that the processor shows (and even more) over a much 
longer time window. It doesn't sum up the metrics, for
instance, over a 1-hour period, but it shows the 5-minute stats over a long 
period. By default, NiFi is configured to take
a snapshot of the 5-minute stats every 1 minute and hold the last 1 day worth 
of stats. This is configurable in
The only down side here is that these stats reside in memory and are lost on 
restart. It would be nice to have a mechanism
for storing this information, but it's not something that's been done yet.


On Jan 13, 2017, at 9:16 AM, Bryan Bende 
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Generally NiFi is not meant to be a long term store of this type of 
information. There is an extension point called a ReportingTask which has 
access to the metrics seen in the UI, as well as the bulletin repository which 
are the error messages. You could implement a custom ReportingTask to push this 
information to whatever system you like to use for monitoring. The 
AmbariReportingTask would be a good example to look at, it pushes metrics to 
the Ambari metrics collector.



On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 6:21 AM, Alessio Palma 
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Hello all,
something into NIFI is timed to 5 minutes:

processor statistic
error messages

How can I change processor statistics to hours and error messages to last days ?

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