I am creating custom processor, in which it uses hive database connection
pooling service to perform file joining operation using csv file. I stored
processed values in *resultSet *and then setted that *resultSet* value in
AtomicLong variable named as *sample*. Then updated the flowfile attributes
by using putAttribute() method as like below function:

*flowfile = session.putAttribute(flowfile, "key-value",

Then transfered that session to flowfile by using *session.transfer(flowfile,
relationship) *method. Using putfile processor, created csv file for
processed data. But in which, it creates values with double quotes in csv
file. Please refer the attached screenshot of sample created csv file. When
i try to process again with created csv file, then it creates more double
quotes in newly created csv file. I need to create csv file for processed
resultSet without double quotes. Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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