Hi Jon,

You could use the S2S Status reporting task and filter the data on
Connection and, if need, on a specific connection name. It'll send you JSON
data containing the information about the queue (stats, size, backpressure,


2018-03-08 6:12 GMT+01:00 Jon Logan <jmlo...@buffalo.edu>:

> Hi All,
> I am trying to get more specific queue sizes in a reporting task for
> metric reporting, but I can't seem to find out a way to do it -- the only
> methods exposed seem to be showing the total of all queue sizes. Is there a
> way that I am missing? I am trying to find a specific queue in front of one
> of my processors and grab that size.
> I also considered trying to do this via the Rest API but I couldn't quite
> find a way to get some of the IDs required to get some of the hops required
> through the API (namely, how to list components doesn't seem clear).
> Thanks in advance,
> Jon

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