Has anyone got Minifi C++ v0 4 0 working over a secure connection to a Nifi
cluster. My certs seem to be fine as I can log into UI of the secured
cluster through the browser using a cert I created for a nifiadmin user.
I've got minifi (collecting Squid logs) working unsecured but every time I
try to get it connecting securely it won't authenticate to be able to
retreive s2s settings.  The RPG is set up for HTTP rather than RAW.  I've
posted output from the minifi logs and the security elements of
minifi.properties at https://pastebin.com/gg2H7HEP and haven't added any
SSLContextService into the config.yml so it should (if I understand
correctly) draw the settings from minifi.properties.  I'm using the Centos 7
build of minifi cpp on the Hortonworks repo.

I'd really appreciate any support you can give me because I'm sure I'm doing
something stupid.

Yours, Tom

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