There were a couple of issues with the C++ security configuration in
0.4.0 [1]. We will likely release 0.5.0 very soon to capture this and
other feature additions.

  Do you have the ability to pull master and re-attempt? The security
configuration is much clear there that you can use either or the context service whereas 0.4.0 that was not
always the case.


On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 7:46 AM, TomBertie <> wrote:
> Has anyone got Minifi C++ v0 4 0 working over a secure connection to a Nifi
> cluster. My certs seem to be fine as I can log into UI of the secured
> cluster through the browser using a cert I created for a nifiadmin user.
> I've got minifi (collecting Squid logs) working unsecured but every time I
> try to get it connecting securely it won't authenticate to be able to
> retreive s2s settings.  The RPG is set up for HTTP rather than RAW.  I've
> posted output from the minifi logs and the security elements of
> at and haven't added any
> SSLContextService into the config.yml so it should (if I understand
> correctly) draw the settings from  I'm using the Centos 7
> build of minifi cpp on the Hortonworks repo.
> I'd really appreciate any support you can give me because I'm sure I'm doing
> something stupid.
> Yours, Tom
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