I am trying to update processors for a workflow, which was previously generated 
from a template by instantiating it. All work is done from a Java program 
through NiFi REST API. Template holds processors in a group. Since I know the 
template group name and strategy by which NiFi assigns a new group name when it 
instantiates a template ("Copy of " <original group name in a template>), I 
find instantiated group by name, get its group id and get list of processors in 
the group a ProcessorsEntity object. I then step through the list of processors 
contained in ProcessorsEntity, and for each processor set desired properties 
contained in  ProcessorEntity and its linked ProcessorDTO and 
ProcessorConfigDTO classes. I then set ClientId in the Revison object like this:
Here proc is ProcessorEntity and restClient is a custom class which contains 
all code necessary to communicate with NiFi REST API.
At this point I am trying to update the processor through PUT/processors/{id} 
call, passing it modified data in ProcessorEntity, the same one that I got from 
ProcessorsEntity and update in place, rather than updating a copy. I figured 
that there is no need to do it for a DTO object.
When I execute PUT/processors/{id} call, I get an exception, which I need the 
help with. Here is what I see in Eclipse.
Exception when calling: ProcessorsApi#updateProcessor
Response body: Text '01/01/1970 13:04:02 EST' could not be parsed at index 2 
(through reference chain: 
io.swagger.client.ApiException: Bad Request
               at io.swagger.client.ApiClient.execute(ApiClient.java:981)
               at com.bdss.nifi.trickle.Trickle.main(Trickle.java:132)

Everything that begins with com.bdss.nifi.trickle are classes in the Java 
application which I am implementing.
To access NiFi REST API I am using this REST client: 
https://github.com/simplesteph/nifi-api-client-java, which itself relies on 

Many thanks for any tips.

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