Hello Everyone,

I am facing an issue with QueryDatabaseTable processor.

I have 4 identical mySQL database tables on 4 different AWS instances. The
structure is same but data is different. What I am trying to do is, have 4
QueryDatabaseTable processors and fetch the data from all the 4 instances
to process it further and store in elasticsearch.

This is the structure of the flow, now my issue is:
*When any one of the processors run, it stores the "Maximum-value Columns"
value in the state as shown below and this state is global in the cluster. *


*Now when second QueryDatabaseTable processor runs, it overwrites the state
value written by the first. I am facing issue with maintaining state for
all 4 processors. Processors runs fine without any issue but obviously, the
data being fetches is not consistent as "id" column values gets overwritten
in the state.*

Is there any solution to this problem. I need to do incremental fetch to
all 4 identical tables on 4 instances in a single flow and single cluster.

Please let me know if anyone faced similar problem and if there is any
solution for this.

Kind Regards,

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